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Maximiliano Ibanez - Argentina

Great artist and great person...profound unique crazy and free, with much love and dedication... I love her!!!"

N.A. Dietzen -Germany

Ein geheimnisvolles Kunstwerk Bravo!

Eine Fantastische Darstellung unseres Herzens Kompliment Mara!"

Missy Gilfillen - Canada

She puts her heart and soul in to every piece she creates! Amazing! 

Mara made my dream come true! Great work and very professional. If you’re looking for a piece of art I highly recommend Mara.

Ty Dunn - Canada

Beautiful colours, striking faces.
So many fun and eclectic pieces!

Lance Tarner - Canada

a wonderful vibrant eye and an amazing soul

Gisella Sobel - Argentina

Mara, sos una gran artista!! Tus obras transmiten grandes emociones !!

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Rick Kuchar, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

The time a person puts into painting is wonderful, they expressed something words can’t say

Jakelina Listes, Here! Magazine, from Canada

Fantastic artist. Wide range of motifs, quality fine art. She can do whatever you envision (almost), so custom work is a go.

Sherman Freisen , Canada

Super cool
This is really art!

Irene Savakis, Artis & Published Author

Beautiful!! Original!! Both the person and her work of art!!

Michael Demers, Musician "The Lonely"

striking and original art

Hans Lussenburg, Retired Canadian Forces, Navy

Mara's art is wonderfully expressive and full of life. I love her ability to express her exuberance fòr life. You are a wonderful artist Mara.

Harley James, from Alberta Canada

Beautiful art work, pure enlightenment, refreshing reach!

David Kerr, Retired Firefighter & Paramedic SAFS

Very beautiful, vibrant and pleasing art.

JT Thomas, from Wisconsin US

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